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PT. Sarana Teknik Conveyor

Drum Pulley
Drum Pulley
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Jual Drum Pulley

Spesifikasi Drum Pulley

Kami Menyediakan kebutuhan part system conveyor berupa;

Bulk handling conveyors for:

  1.     Head
  2.     Drive
  3.     Snub
  4.     Bend
  5.     Take-up
  6.     Tail
  7.     Discharge pulley

Please detail your needs

  1. Delivery Time
  2. Specification ( Qwalitiy Vs Price) material and part is influences
  3. Your company details
  4. Spare part detail
  5. Your contact detai;


Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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